I'm trying to use this "random video chat" service which I found today after seeing somebody else use it on a live stream: https://ome.tv/

However, even though the website loads, and it appears to begin to load the video player thing, it very soon switches over to this screen: screenshot of the first screen of Ome.tv (I can scroll down to see the rest of the webpage rendered correctly).

Huh? Zero error message. No indication whatsoever what is wrong. No clue at all. I even looked in the HTML code looking for clues as to what the actual error is, but there's nothing there either.

I use Firefox. Their FAQ has no mention of this either. Nobody online appears to be publicly talking about this either. It's just yet another website which works for others but not for me, without giving any kind of error message.

*I'm starting to believe more and more strongly that I'm using some kind of second-tier version of the Internet because nothing seems to be working anymore, with increasingly cryptic/vague/fake error messages... if they even give any at all.*

  • Works for me, did you try a different browser? – Chagai Friedlander Dec 29 '19 at 13:22
  • What country are you using ome.tv from? I just relised I am getting the same error when I use a vpn from certain countries. – Chagai Friedlander Dec 30 '19 at 0:21

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