My chrome browsing history was deleted because I cleared the cache and missed the small print which said to log out before clearing the cache.

To clear browsing data from this device only, while keeping it in your Google Account, sign out.

I tried downloading some files from Google's new data downloading service called takeout, it only downloads the browsing history from after I cleared the cache. I downloaded the BroswerHistory in the product Chrome and also tried Chrome in the product My Activity. here are a few screenshots of this.

The my activity Google service actually collects data from apps/websites that do not belong to Google (which I at first mistakenly thought of as being part of the browser history because these apps/websites are not part of Google services and I used them on the browser a lot). So I actually have some browsing history but still no access to all of my browser activity from before I deleted the cache.

Is there a way to get access to that data? To UN-do the deletion of the browser history from the Google servers because of my wrong cache deletion?

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