Is it possible to get a full list of all followers of a 3rd party Instagram user (eg not an account i control) through the instagram website ?

I know i can click followers, but it only loads around 100 followers then you have to keep scrolling to load the rest, for a large account this could takes ages.

Is there a phrase that can be appended to the end of the instagram URL to show the followers ?

I note that if you inspect the followers number at the top of the page it shows a URL like this https://www.instagram.com/USERNAME/followers/but clicking that just loads the modal window where you get the 100 followers+ that you have to scroll through, if you try to navigate direct to the URL it redirects to https://www.instagram.com/USERNAME/ ive tried with both JS enabled and disabled.


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Yes. So long as you are interested in the followers of Instagram accounts you know, this is possible. While a request to that URL will only return 100 followers, an automated repetition of that request along with some kind of scraping of the results modal will give you a full list of followers. One way to accomplish this automation is by using PhantomBuster's Instagram Follower Collector. It is a paid service, but their 14 day trial should suffice.

Helper Tools for Instagram is another extension that can do this for you, but the free version has a limit of 10,000 users scraped.

If you know how to run code from your terminal, you could run a script locally that makes this repeated request for you. Here's an example that uses a Python script to make the repeated request and then scrapes the results using Selenium. The instructions here are relatively straightforward.


Yes there is a way. 1). Go to the account page of the user you want to see the followers of. 2). Click on the "followers" button. All the followers will be listed

  • Although they are listed it only lists 100 or so at a time, if the account has got thousands of followers this doesn't really work. I addressed this in the original question.
    – sam
    Commented Jan 2, 2020 at 13:03

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