Over the last 3 months or so I have noticed that I am having issues logging into any Google products particularly Gmail and YouTube. I am using the latest Chrome version, uninstalled and installed again yesterday, cleared cache, cookies & browsing history (all time).


  1. I have 4 free Gmail accounts + 1 business G Suite account that I switch between. I switch only after I log out of each.
  2. I am on Macbook Air. Software update is up to date.
  3. I tried accessing YouTube and Gmail via Safari but it takes ages there to load.
  4. I have an ADSL connection

The most common errors I see is after logging is:

  1. a plain white blank screen
  2. the attached error page
  3. Takes 5 mins or so to load a page sometimes
  4. Th epage loads but all images are blank

Hope I have detailed out my problem well and I am hoping if someone can help.

enter image description here

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