The Facebook feature in Settings/Messenger called "Help people start a conversation with your Page" is no longer there, so I can't turn it on or off. But when people visit my page, the Messenger pop up is asking the wrong questions for my type of business. How do I either edit the questions or turn off the Chat window pop up? I don't want to turn Messenger completely off, I'd like potential clients to still be able to Messenger me with actual questions they may have. I'd really appreciate help with this!! Diane enter image description here

  • I found a way to turn off instant replies, so the Messenger chat box is no longer popping up. But now it's listing those same questions in a box right on my page. I've googled automated questions, suggested questions and all kinds of things, but I'm not seeing a solution for it. I hope someone out there has an answer, please!
    – Diane
    Jan 7, 2020 at 21:57

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I found how to turn off the suggested questions! It's in Inbox -> Automated Responses -> Frequently Asked Questions. You can turn them on or off, and even write your own suggested questions. I turned mine off! Yay!!

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