I'm trying to save data in cells containing a dropdown list that can be edited by specific people. For example: John can edit Sheet 1 cell A3, Barry cell B3, Joe cell E3, etc. After the last person is input and saved he is located in A3. So instead of having just one person with access to edit I have two in addition to myself.

I have worked on this all day for three days and can't figure this out. The sheet is protected. I am new to using Google Sheets, which is a problem already. I am trying to create a spreadsheet that contains a dropdown list in cells that are named. For example, cell A3 on sheet 1 is called Bay Pines, cell B3 is called Bayway, cell E3 is called Campbell Park, etc.

I am trying to have one person in each cell to have permission to edit that cell. Example: John can edit cell A3 and all others called Bay Pines, Barry can edit B3 and all others called Bayway. Everyone else will have viewing permissions. I was able to give editing permissions to the people I wanted to across the whole sheet. The problem occurs when the last person I gave editing rights to appears in cell A3 and all other cells called Bay Pines. If you like I can give you access to the sheet.

  • Welcome. Please add more details regarding the sheet protection settings. Who are the protected sheet editors and you set range protection exceptions. – Rubén Jan 8 at 3:05
  • Welcome. "If you like I can give you access to the sheet." Please share a copy of your spreadsheet. – Tedinoz Jan 12 at 8:45

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