I have a spreadsheet with a list of files and the majority of it is an image sequence, for example:

ImageTest_0001 ImageTest_0002 ImageTest_0003 ... ImageTest_0385 ImageTest_0386 ImageTest_0387

Is there a way to have google sheets recognise that this is a sequence and convert it to "ImageTest_[0001-0387]" (similar to DaVinci Resolve or Premiere)?

  • Without seeing an example sheet to know exactly how you're entering your data, I'm taking a guess. Sheets should allow you to enter the first few entries in a column, and then highlight the example rows and then click the corner of the bottom cell and drag down. This will add the sequential numbers for whatever range you drag. If your data set is too large, you can also write an array formula for this. – OnenOnlyWalter Jan 9 at 16:37

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