I have a list of data, showing 4 items. Cats, dogs, giraffes, eggplant.

I want to create a pie chart in google sheets that shows the pie with just cats, dogs, and giraffes. I don't want to show the chart with eggplant.

Is there a way to print out the chart without one or two categories from the list of data?

So instead of it showing this: e

I would like it to show this chart, but without me needing to sort, deleted, manipulate the data. enter image description here

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You can do it by creating a new filter view and filtering out eggplant

  • Go to menu > Filter views
  • Create new filter view
  • Deselect eggplant
  • OK

enter image description here

After creating the filter view, within the chart setting you are given the choice to Include hidden/filtered data

  • Is this what you were looking for? Jan 13, 2020 at 21:58

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