I want a Google account, but the thing is I'm a private person, I don't want to share My first and last name. Just for an account.

So my question is, can I use a nickname when creating an account?


The Google Account official support is https://support.google.com/account and the official forum is https://support.google.com/account/community, the Twitter accounts and other social media are listed in https://www.google.com/press/blog-social-directory.html

Anyway, Google doesn't require any proof about the name set for the account, so you could use any First Name and Last Name that you want even you could change them whenever you want. For accounts two week old and older, you could change the account name every 3 minutes if you want to do that.


I'm a Google Accounts Gold Expert.


  • If you have problems regarding restrictions due to the date of birth they could ask you a document or the use of a credit card to change it because the legal restrictions to access certain services based on the age.
  • Some "abnormal" uses could make that the account be blocked temporally to prevent abuses. I mention this because making too many changes might or might not be considered "abnormal" (Google doesn't disclose their algorithms to prevent abuses).


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