Column A: Name Column B: Date (mm/dd/yy) Column C: Value

I want to sum column C every time column A is a specific name & the corresponding date is before 2020

Small sample/Example of what I'm trying to work out:

=SUMIFS(C1:C10, A1:A10, "=Bob", B1:B10, "< Date(2020,1,1))

What am I doing wrong? I know it has to do with inputting the date for "criteria 2"

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There are two ways to use dates alongside SUMIFS

either using the DATE function

=SUMIFS($C$1:$C$10, $A$1:$A$10, "=bob", $B$1:$B$10, "<="&date(2019,12,25))

or the actual date

=SUMIFS($C$1:$C$10, $A$1:$A$10, "=bob", $B$1:$B$10, "<12/25/2019")

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