I have a website about prisoners-of-war. People who had relatives who were POWs email me with details of their relatives and any queries they have, and I put the details on the website and try to help with their queries.

I set up a special Gmail address for this purpose. However, as I get too many emails to be able to handle them all myself, I have a number of helpers in several different countries. I have given them the Gmail login and password.
However, they get blocked by gmail and I get the unusual sign-in location or device warning. I want to disable this – as far as I am concerned the helpers can use any location and device for this work. That’s my choice.

But I cannot find any way to disable this warning and blocking. Of course, it seems impossible to contact Google directly about this – I can only post this problem here and hope that someone can help. (It’s a pity that Google is so adamant that they do not want to help clients directly).

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You have two choices:

Choice #1

Go to Settings > Accounts and Import > Grant access to your account section, click on Add another account and follow the steps.

Google may lock a Gmail account when used by too many people in different locations. Share an account among users

Choice #2

If as mentioned above you have too many users in your team or do not want to risk your account being blocked, you need to Set up Gmail for your team

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