I have created a Google Apps Script which I use frequently. I receive regular emails from Google: "Some apps or services that you allowed to access your Google Account have not been verified by Google..."

How do I:

  1. Add my script to a Trusted list, or

  2. Convince Google that I have acknowledged the risk (to avoid repeat emails)?

I have the same problem with "Sign-in from a new location" emails, which are about work computers that I use over and over. Can I add IP addresses to a trusted list?


To do A and B there are two paths

  1. Add the script code to a Google Apps Script project owned by you (the same account used to run the script should be its owner)
  2. Create an add-on a ask Google to verify your script.


  • Thanks Rubén. The first approach hasn't been successful (that's what I currently do). I'll try to have Google verify the add-on, as my colleagues also use the script.
    – J M N
    Jan 18 '20 at 2:04

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