Basically, if the person enters "12" in his/her column, how can I make the cell change to a different color when the same person changes the value again?

This would let other people know if there were changes made.

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Google Sheets has a built-in feature allows to set formatting rules, it's called Conditional Formatting, but it doesn't has a way to set the comparison of the current value with an old value.

One alternative is to use Google Apps Script, another is to use an add-on.

Using Google Apps Script

If you decide to use Google Apps Script, you could use an on edit trigger. The related event object has a property for the old value and another for the new value, so you could make that your script set a background color if this values are different.

Super simple example

function onEdit(e){
  if(e.oldValue && e.value && e.oldValue !== e.value){

A complete script should include a way to limit which cells color should be changed (the previous example will change de color of any edited cell).


This only works for single cell edits, in other words, it will not work when doing a copy/paste of a value or range over another cell/range.

To find an add-on that does what you are looking for, please look at the G Suite Marketplace.



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