As many people have experienced - Google allows 100% of the Google Calendar invite to come through. IMO it's a stupid thing to do and it shouldn't have been allowed in the first place. Absolutely no clue what they were thinking. This is as stupid as browser notifications that's only been misused since release.

My problem is:

  • I set my Calendar settings to be "Only show invitations which I have responded to."
  • But! If I share my calendar with anyone - they see my events AND all the spam included. Which is just ridiculous as it makes the sharing feature utterly useless.

One workaround I could think of is that I could make a custom calendar in Calendar, and then share that. But I worry that most Android/smartphone apps will default to the email based calendar (Ie.: example@gmail.com) and thus it would result in missed events, missed notifications.

So how the heck do I get rid of these spam events? :(

  • Not a solution but a workaround: Enable to see all events in your own calendar - and delete all spam events. This should clear it out. HOPEFULLY you won't get added to more spam anytime soon. If you do, you are out of luck. We can only hope Google fix it. – Apache Jan 19 at 14:18

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