Some recipients of invitations to events from Google Calendar are able to accept events I've invited them to without having their acceptance show up in the my Google Calendar. I get an acceptance e-mail from them containing an attachment which if previewed appears to show an accepted invitation, but there is no indication in my inviting calendar that they have accepted.

This does not appear to have anything to do with my particular configuration: others I've asked have had similar experiences, on both ends of the transaction. The only pattern that we've been able to discern is the following, on the invitee's end:

  1. The invitation e-mail is (at least generally) lacking an "Invitation:" preamble and the usual Google Calendar content; but
  2. it has buttons across the top in some clients (e.g. Mac mail) which if used to accept, result in the outcome described above.

Additionally the above seems to be correlated with invitations sent to accounts that don't have a calendar configured on the invitee's end in a way that is accessible from the receiving e-mail app. (And worse, following acceptance the corresponding e-mail vanishes from their inbox in Mac Mail.)

The outcome is that in many cases the only way I have of keeping track of acceptances is to review my e-mails: the status in the event in my calendar is of no help.

Is there a way to update my events to indicate acceptances that haven't automatically been recorded correctly?

  • A consequence of this behavior is that I have whole domains where all my clients can respond to events without that response showing up the event in my Google Calendar. – orome Jan 22 at 21:12

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