Quickly go to specific page in a PDF opened in Google Drive with a Chrome based browser.


In Mac's Preview app on desktop, Go > Go to Page... allows the user to go to a specific page.

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There is no feature to to go to a specific page in a PDF opened in Google Drive.

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Attempted Solution

Appending the shared document url with an &page=11 or &pageNumber=11 parameter.

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I've found a workaround by opening the locally Google Drive synced PDF directly in a Chrome based browser.

  1. Sync Google Drive files with local machine.
  2. Secondary click the local file > Select Open With > Choose Chrome or a Chrome based browser to open the file.
  3. Go to a specific page number by selecting the page number at the top of the document and typing in a new page number.

enter image description here enter image description here


Press Ctrl+p on keyboard. Then it will open that PDF in a separate tab where you can jump to a page.

Seperate tab opened when pressed ctrl+p

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