I have several pivot tables that present 5-7 columns of data extracted from a sheet that has about 30 column and 5000 rows.

That sheet in turn is updated everytime a line is entered in the orders sheet.

I'm finding unacceptable response time from my spread sheet, I think due to the cascade of calculations involved.

There is no way to effectively control the frequency of update in google sheets.


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One trick that helps a lot is to shuffle the pivot analysis off into another file

File 1 does your data entry, and contains your static files for lookups.

File 2 uses one or more IMPORTRANGE, one for each sheet it needs from file 1.

Instead of updating every minute or on every change, IMPORTRANGE runs every 30 minutes. Since I didn't need Real Time pivot tables this was an acceptable answer.

If you do need results quickly after making changes in file 1, simply reload the browser tab that has file 2.

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