I need a formula to get only the fractional part of a given number. It should take any number and return its fractional part which is between 0 and 0.9999... For example

123.456 -> 0.456
      0 -> 0
      1 -> 0
    0.1 -> 0.1

I tried google help, but did not find such a function. I could use something like this, but I did not want to repeat the input expression: X - FLOOR(X)


The following worked for me, however it was not documented in the google help

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Another way:


where X is the cell reference to the cell you want the fraction of.

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  • I know, but I did not want to repeat X, because X is a long expression – Andrej Adamenko Feb 3 at 21:11
  • Auxillary column. Calculate x in column C. Column D is C-INT(C). Hide C. Or instead of C use column BX way out to the right. – Sherwood Botsford Feb 4 at 14:33

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