I have a timesheet dataset containing 4 columns:

Column 1 - A workers name

Column 2 - The date they worked

Column 3 - The project they worked on

Column 4 - The hours they worked on that date, on that project.


I'm just starting to learn about the QUERY function and I hope it is possible to group the lines by two columns - Name and Date - and sum the hours, regardless of the Project, worked on each date, and end up with a table like this:

enter image description here

So far I've just learned how to group by a single columns values. I'm not looking for a pivot table (at least I don't think I am) because I need to be able to use the resulting table to compare with another table (attendance data) and I think it will be easier if I keep the timesheet records on a single line.

Thanks in advance.


You can group by more than one columns in a query. You do not need a pivot table for that.
On the other hand, when using pivot in your query, the results will be presented in different ways.

Without a pivot

=QUERY(A1:D9, "select A, B, sum(D) group by A, B label sum(D) 'Hours' ",1)

Google Sheets query, sum, group by 2 columns

Using a pivot

=QUERY(A1:D9, "select B, sum(D) group by B pivot A label sum(D) 'Hours' ",1)


=QUERY(A1:D9, "select B, sum(D) group by B pivot A label sum(D) 'Hours' ",1)

Google Sheets query, sum, group by, pivot

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  • Apologies for the delayed response, and thanks for providing the correct answer @marikamitsos – bennals Feb 18 at 9:18
  • Glad it worked out. – marikamitsos Feb 18 at 14:34

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