I need to copy the data validation info from a column in Google Sheet (multiple cells in that column with data validation) to another Google Sheet. When doing the regular copy/paste or copy/paste Data Validation only, nothing is being "pasted".

Any idea/help would be appreciated.

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Not sure if this is still relevant, but you can also copy the sheet that includes your Data Validation fields over in a/the other Spreadsheet.

Ones it's copied over (can be found at the end of the sheets), you can go ahead and copy just the field or the row/column in another sheet within this Spreadsheet document.

Had this issue many times and found this to be the best work around.


You cannot paste validation from one Google sheet to another.
Google Sheets does not currently have such a built-in solution.
On the other hand, when on the same sheet you can use the Paste special feature.

An alternative would be to pull your values from the other sheet for dynamic Data validation

paste data validation

In case you really need such functionality, you could do that using a script as mentioned here.

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