I'm migrating my email to Gmail and I'm trying to apply filters as follows.

 - Me
   - Job Promos
   - Education

I would like to filter out certain @ domains and stick them into either Job Promos or Education and have everything else which doesn't fit those categories get filtered under the Me label.

The way I'm trying to do this is as follows.

I have one filter for Job Promos as follows (the Education one is similar, so I'll ignore it for brevity):

Matches: from:(*@indeedemail.com | *@angel.co | *@allegisgroup.com | *@hired.com | [email protected] | *@stonehengestaffing.com | *@jsalerts.matchedjobs.com | *@lempop.com | *@stonehengestaffing.com | *@ziprecruiter.com | *monster.com | @cybercoders.com

Do this: Skip Inbox, Apply label "Me.com/Me/Job Promos", Never send it to Spam, Categorize as Promotions

This catches MOST of the job promos (it seems to have some difficulty with things I'm either CC's or BCC'd on, but that's another issue.

I then have another filter that says

to:([email protected])
Do this: Skip Inbox, Apply label "Me.com/Me"

Now based on the logic of this, of course it's going to be doing what it's doing: applying the label Me.com/MeAND also applying the Me.com/Me/Job Promos to the emails that match the specified senders. It's clear to me why it's doing what it's doing.

The problem is, I'm not sure how to make it do what I want, which is:

If matches "[email protected]" AND NOT in the "Job Promos" filter THEN move to Me.com/Me

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You need simply negate the criteria for the other search so your search

to:([email protected])
Do this: Skip Inbox, Apply label "Me.com/Me" 


to:([email protected]) -from:({indeedemail angel.com allegisgroup hired.com jsalerts.careerbliss.com stonehengestaffing.com jsalerts.matchedjobs.com lempop.com stonehengestaffing ziprecruiter monster.com cybercoders}) 

Do this: Skip Inbox, Apply label "Me.com/Me"
  • {} indicates that the terms within are optional, and eliminates the need for || or OR

  • () groups terms together.

  • * is meaningless and the @ is also unnecessary when searching by domain name.

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