I know if theres sites that you can convert mp3 to mp4, even sites that will increase the volume of the song, there has to be at least a site that it will tell you the key the song is in?

look I already know the song (as written by Mozart himself) is in the key of F major, but I don't know if the orchestra is playing in A = 440mhz or if even they are transposing to a different key entirely.

if its not possible (or there isn't any website with this capability yet) would it at least be possible to isolate a single pitch sung by the soprano, to see what THAT pitch is, if that pitch is slightly off, it would be fair to say that the song itself isn't in standart tuning at A = 440?

So say for example you could upload an mp4 of the Queen of the Nights famous aria, and it would tell you if the artist is in fact hitting the F above high C? or would you have to isolote the individual note, and it would tell you if that note is F, or maybe it'd tell you its a little flat or a different pitch entirely?

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