I have utility that I've been working on (modified from an existing sheet) for a Tabletop game I run for my group.

Currently, it generates random items from a list. The name of each of the items has a corresponding hyperlink to the items description from the same sheet.

An editable copy of the generator may be found here.

My goal is to populate a new cell with with BOTH the item's name, and it's description.

So, if the generator returns an item name in cell "C4" with a hyperlink to its corresponding description cell, what formula should I use to populate this new cell (or cells) with both the name, and the descriptor?

Here is an image of the generator, with the hyperlink to the description cell on a different page. Generator Sheet

Clicking the hyperlink routes you to the corresponding "Description" cell. [Description Cell3

My ideal behavior, is for the formula to insert both the Name and the Descriptor into the new cell.

A visual example of the outcome I'm looking for can be found below. Cell with name and descriptor

Any advice or ideas would be appreciated.


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I created a new sheet named marikamitsos and added 4 possible alternative solutions on cells I4:X4.

I believe one of them will suit your needs.

Solution 1
The first one uses an added helper column (M) on your Cyphers sheet. Using this formula we manage to have a single cell with a link as we had in this answer :


The newly added Helper column has the following needed formula:


Solution 2
For the second one we just put together the twice used VLOOKUP function which again produces a single cell but no link this time.


Solution 3
On this third one we use the following formula which returns two separate fields one next to the other:


Solution 4
Finally the fourth solution is very similar to the third one. The only difference is that this time the two fields are one under the other


Pro Tip: Instead of having 4 formulas in cells C:F you can use a single one (look at my examples on the sheet):



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