I got a new (corporate) gmail account for a new job I just started. Unfortunately the keyboard shortcuts are either wrong (e.g. arrow keys move the "cursor" in the inbox instead of j and k) or not working at all (e.g. e does not archive a message). I am using a new Chrome profile and don't have any extensions installed (and checked in an incognito window as well), and confirmed the same behavior is happening on both a PC and a brand new MacBook Pro.

I confirmed the same behavior whether or not I have Custom Keyboard Shortcuts (in the Advanced tab in Settings) selected or not. If it is selected, the keyboard shortcut list shows everything I expect (i.e. the "normal" shortcuts like j for next conversation).

If I use my old, personal gmail account in the same Chrome instance and profile I get the expected/correct keyboard shortcuts. (And actually just noticed that the incorrect ones - i.e. arrow keys - also work.)

Is there something that could be overwriting these shortcuts (either within gmail or Chrome?). Do corporate/gsuite accounts have different shortcuts??

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