I'd like to forward all emails incoming to my Yahoo email.

This method works:

Click Settings Image of the Settings icon..
Click More Settings.
Click Mailboxes.
Click the primary mailbox account.
Under Forwarding, enter the Forwarding Address.
Click Verify.
Log in to your forwarding address and follow the instructions sent there.

But then, all these forwarded emails still stay in the Yahoo inbox.

How to enable "forward + delete the original in the Yahoo inbox" automatically?

I thought about doing a "Filter", but how? and are we sure that a "Delete" filter would be applied after it is forwarded? (and not before!)

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A "Delete" filter works exactly as it should.

I set up email forwarding to another email account and then set up a "Delete" filter. Any email containing "@" in the "From" field (which is basically all emails) are moved to "Trash". I tested it and it appears to work as intended. Emails show up at the forwarded address and are no longer sitting in my yahoo inbox.

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