I have a YouTube Premium Family account. The only people in the house all have our email addresses officially on the list.

The issue is, Other people check and tamper with the account holder's important account information if they leave the computer logged in to a simple viewing session, say to go get a snack.

That access to the account is pretty much the keys to most users kingdoms... It's like leaving password reset tokens for anyone with access to that computer.

Conceivably I should be able to login to watch, and have to authenticate every time I want to post, like, check my email, send an email, post on hangouts, etc.. on any specific computer.

To guard my Google Account, I won't let people use my devices that are logged in. (such as my phone or computer) but it sure would be nice to let people continue watching a movie if I have to leave a room.

Also, password skimming is an issue, because I won't login using a device I don't trust. So I won't use their computer to view a private video, or gain the benefits of the premium account, or watch a movie that I rented.

I expect to have a dedicated password for watching YouTube. I expect to have another YouTube password or authentication method for posting... and for sake of this, it could be my Google account.

People share Netflix passwords. (that's the only way to get 2 people watching that we paid for) Netflix allows a lot of access to other accounts, (so I set my account to a language that nobody else speaks to hinder family members from navigating my account), but I don't really care if someone tinkers with my Netflix likes and watched list. I do care about YouTube.

Anybody want to help pressure Alphabet and Google and YouTube to close this glaring security vulnerability, or is it already manageable, and then we should let people know about the solution..

(This is a different question from the guy who wanted to use different accounts. I don't want to use multiple accounts. That may be the only answer, in which case I would still be leaving a that account open and vulnerable to abuse. )

further experience trying to solve this: using a TV or smart device to login to YouTube gives a code, that is verified in browser by logging into account. It still has an agreement and capabilities that are not what I would expect.

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