I currently have

=IF(COUNTIFS($C$5:$C,"*Art*", $I$5:$I , "<>*Completed*")>2, COUNTIFS($C$5:$C,"*Art*", $I$5:$I , "<>*Completed*"), "NA")

I want to change Art from the word itself to reference another cell with the word Art in.

I have tried:

=IF(COUNTIFS($C$5:$C,"*'&$F1&*", $I$5:$I , "<>*Completed*")>2, COUNTIFS($C$5:$C,"*'&$F1&*", $I$5:$I , "<>*Completed*"), "NA")


=IF(COUNTIFS($C$5:$C,"'&$F1&", $I$5:$I , "<>*Completed*")>2, COUNTIFS($C$5:$C,"'&$F1&", $I$5:$I , "<>*Completed*"), "NA")

but had no luck.

  • Hey, can you share a dummy sheet ? Did you try this ? : =IF(COUNTIFS($C$5:$C,"*"&F1&"*", $I$5:$I , "<>*Completed*")>2, COUNTIFS($C$5:$C,"*"&F1&"*", $I$5:$I , "<>*Completed*"), "NA") – pjmg Feb 14 at 0:09
  • 1
    I did not, feels like a schoolboy error. Worked with that, thanks :) – Rob Feb 17 at 10:00

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