I need to come to a custom formula in Google sheets that highlights a cell in the column if the cell contains certain characters in Cyrillic letter.

Some of the Cyrillic characters that look like the Latin characters but are completely different letters:


So I am trying to highlight the cell only if there is one of those characters For example if there is an "А" (Cyrillic) instead of "A" (Latin)

Product Special (* by ones that should be highlighted)

Product1    NAXH
Product2    RAHU
Product3    RАHU*
Product4    XBCD
Product5    ХВСD*
Product6    ААЕЕ*
Product7    AAEE
Product8    OООЕ*

Some characters are Latin and other Cyrillic but you can't say which is what at a glance

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You can do a regex match with all your characters.

=REGEXMATCH($B2, "[ЕеТтУуОоХхАаСсКкЗзВвНнМм]")

Just place all characters you want to match in between the square brackets.

Here is my result

google sheets result

To learn more about regex, I'd suggest checking out regular expressions 101.

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