I am using Data Studio to do a Report on two Data Sources: Income and Expenses. These data sources have the same field names and each one of them has a scorecard to sum each of their values in the Amount field.

I am now trying to create a third Scorecard called Profit (Income - Expenses) but run into a problem with trying to calculate the Amount Field. When I click on the two Score Cards for Income and Amount then blend the data, I get a defaulted percentage calculation (Income / Expenses):

enter image description here

But when I go to change the operator from / to -, it will instead take the difference of the Amount field from the same Data Source and return it as 0.

enter image description here

Is there a way I can figure out the difference between these two same-named fields when referencing two data sources?

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I found the solution to this thanks to a user on the Data Studio Community Forums. I will summarize for those looking for a similar answer.

As of writing this, Data Studio has no way to refer to a blended data fields by their data sources, if blending 2 data sources together you will need to give them unique identifiers. Luckily, the data studio has the ability to rename metrics and dimensions for blended data without having to change any field names in your data sources. Once you create the blended data you want to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Resource > Manage Blended Data
  2. Click on Edit for your newly created blended data
  3. Hover over each metric/dimension and click the Pencil Icon to edit
  4. Rename your metric(In my case I called them Income(Amount) and Expense(Amount)

You will now be able to modify the calculated fields as you please.

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