In Google Slides, I want to hide or remove the left thumbnail panel, as shown below.

In Microsoft Powerpoint, you can drag the left panel to be closed, but I can't figure out how to do this in Google Slides. Can anyone help?

  • Has anybody figured out a way to do it? – vineeshvs Apr 23 '20 at 8:37

I had this same question and it seems like Google still doesn't provide the option. If you really need to get rid of it though, you can use this hack as a solution as of May 5, 2020.

Open inspect element from menu bar -> Go to div id = "docs-editor-container" -> div id = "docs-editor" -> table class = "two-panel-layout" -> tbody -> tr -> Delete td class = "filmstrip".


This is the result. Now you can have a much wider view of your slide.


Toggle with a Bookmark

I tweaked the bookmarklet code from this blog (I target the <td> by class instead of its content by ID). Normally I would give you a JavaScript link to drag to your bookmark bar; but I can't work out how to share such a link in a StackExchange solution.

You can edit an existing bookmark & paste this as the URL:

javascript:(function() {var e=document.getElementsByClassName('filmstrip')[0];e.style.display=(e.style.display!='none')?'none':'table-cell';})();

Chrome wanted it to be URL-encoded:

javascript:(function() %7Bvar e%3Ddocument.getElementsByClassName(%27filmstrip%27)%5B0%5D%3Be.style.display%3D(e.style.display!%3D%27none%27)%3F%27none%27:%27table-cell%27%3B%7D)()%3B

I'm afraid there isn't a built-in feature to hide the thumbnail panel as you can see in the View menu:

  • Show ruler Shows/hides the ruler
  • Show speaker notes Shows/hides the speaker notes
  • Full screen Shows/hides the Google Slides menu bar, toolbar and side panel

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