I have a google mail account managed by my company. The company has an access to my email communications. I am not sure that my direct manager monitor my email. I have sent an email using the google account provided by my company. I definitely do not want my manager to read these emails. There is nothing wrong with these emails. He is not my manager anymore but still my google account lists him as my manager. Even if he is not my direct manager anymore, I think he might still have access to my email communications if the IT are not updated about this situation. I have to talk with the IT about this. Now, I sent this email using my personal computer but then I deleted it and emptied the trash. Can my manager see this email even after deleting it?

I found that my emails are automatically forwarded to an email address that is the same as my email but with some difference.

My email is, say, david@company.com and the email to which my messages are automatically forwarded to is: david@company.onmicrosoft.com

Does this mean that my emails are automatically forwarded to someone else in the company?

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