Is there a way to create a read only calendar to an account (editable only from API)?

The only two solution we could think of are:

  1. iCalendar (.ics) URL - create the .ics content and make the user add it to his Other Calendars section. The issue with this solution is that this calendar only refresh is data every few hours and we need more up to date. there is no force refresh as far as we could find.
  2. Shared Calendar - create a calendar on our own account and share it as ready only with the user. The issue here is number of calendar limit because each user will need his own calendar which would come up to thousands of calendars on our account. The limit for free account is 60 calendars. We couldn't find any mention of paid account number of calendars limit.

If anybody has a better solution or a way to resolve the issues we found with the solutions above, we will appreciate it.

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