It would be great to have a Chrome extension (or Firefox, or Edgium, or Safari) that throws some kind of error starting a couple of weeks before a site's TLS Certificate expires.

Is there such a beast?

Is there another good and reasonably priced way to do this?

I ask because my test environment has some wildcard certs that have crept into various random servers. I know about the notification services, but the purpose here is to help find these places the wildcard certs have landed.


A browser extension would not be an optimal solution, as it would require you to manually visit the website in question in order to receive the alert.

Most SSL/TLS certificate authorities will allow you to enroll in notifications to be alerted when a certificate is close to expiring.

If your authority does not provide this service, you can use the open-source tool SSLPing, which is free and will notify you about expiring certificates.


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