I manage a Page on Facebook.

Every time someone Likes or Reacts to one of the Page's posts, we get the notification:

Help them see future posts by inviting them to like your Page.

Help them see future posts by inviting them to like your Page.

I don't understand what I'm supposed to do with this notification.

There is no button to invite that person to Like the page. Why is that the message, when there's no visible Call To Action to actually invite the person?

How do I "invite them to like the Page"?

Is there a way to invite that person from the Page to like the Page? We do not want to invite from our personal accounts. We are also not Friends with those people.

Is there any way to prevent these notifications? I do not want to invite people to like the page.


Click on the notification. It will take you to your post.

Click on the Likes number under your post.

A window will pop up allowing you to Invite those people to Like your page.

Invite to Like Page

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  • THANK YOU! Amazing how unintuitive this is and how I could never find that "Invite" button. – pkamb Mar 13 at 0:03

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