This question was posted a while ago, but the answer does not work anymore as YouTube settings have changed. Plus, the answer will have your YouTube account disabled for a while before you're able to use it again.

I have found a different answer which worked for me without requiring the deletion of the channel nor deactivating it (you can use it as you're deleting). Since I am new here, I am unable to answer that question. Therefore, I am asking my own and answering it for anyone who may need it.

So to repeat the question, is there an way to bulk delete YouTube comments without deleting the channel nor deactivating it?


I have found a script on GitHub that deletes all comments found and loaded in:


For the script to work, the comments must be loaded first and available. So the script is essentially automatically clicking the 3 dots icon, clicking delete, then clicking delete again in the confirmation window.

The author has also made a Chrome Extension that executes the script.

To delete all YouTube comments:

  1. Download Erasure.
  2. Go to https://www.youtube.com/feed/history/comment_history
  3. Press and hold "End" key on the keyboard until the page stops loading any comments.
  4. Click Erasure icon and "click to delete all comments"
  5. Wait for the script to finish.

More information on the matter:

  1. I deleted 10 years worth of comments in 30-40 minutes. So it will take time depending on your internet connection speed and your computer speed.
  2. You may need to repeat the steps since some YouTube comments are not instantly deleted (like those on unavailable/private videos).
  3. It takes a bit of effort, but it works and you will be able to use your account even during the operation (make sure you use a different Chrome window).

I hope this helps someone as it helped me.

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