I need to create a form where people can select one of the options made available, and, once they do, that option becomes unavailable to anyone signing in afterwards. (Or where I can define the amount of "vacancies" in each option).

Google Forms doesn't have that option. Does anyone know of an alternative platform where I can do this?

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Google Forms may not have this option but you can use one of the free add-ons Another way would be by using one of the add-ons found using the top right kebab menu (1) in the form:

Where can I find add-ons for Google forms?

or similar add-ons would be your choice.

Once installed you can find them under the menu. (2)

Where are my installed add-ons in Google forms?

Note: One of the main caveats of what you are trying to achieve (either manually or through an add-on) is the time lapse between form submission and scripts execution. Most of the errors occurring are when submissions fall into that space in time resulting overlapping issues.

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