How can I view (or edit) the start date of a yearly recurring event in Google Calendar? It doesn't seem to be possible.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new full day event and set a year in the past (e.g. 1990) then add the yearly recursion.

    New yearly recurring event

  2. Click on the current year instance (year 2020) of the event just created. The original year, as you can see, is NOT displayed!

    Event instance

  3. Click the pen icon to edit the event instance: the web interface doesn't ask if you want to edit the original event or the current instance and it displays the current year instead of the original one!

    Edit instance

  4. Even if you try to change the date and save, it asks which instance you want to change but NOT the original one. So if I don't know that the first event is in the 1990 I must search for it and scroll until it stops...

    Trying to save event instance

  5. AFAIK the only way to discover the original date is downloading the entire calendar as ICAL and then searching the text file...

    Calendar ICAL section

So the question is: how can someone know or edit - without messing with the ICAL - a yearly recurring event in Google Calendar?

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