On my google form survey, I have 3 yes/no questions to determine the scope of the survey, that if the person answers no to any of them they will be closed out of the survey. Each question is set up with the yes option having "go to section two" and the no option to have "submit survey". However, this does not work all the time. For example, if the person selects No-No-Yes, Yes-No-Yes, or No-Yes-Yes, the survey will take them to the next section (despite having one of the answers is no). How do I get rid of this error to have it that if any of the 3 questions have a no response they will get closed out of the survey?

  • Welcome. Can you please explain how your form is structured? Even better share the link to a sample one so as you can be easier helped. – marikamitsos Mar 1 at 23:04

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