I've used this query function to sum data based on conditions from another sheet:

=QUERY(Backlinking!A2:Z1000, "Select Sum(R) where F='performance management tools'")

It returns the correct sum:

enter image description here

but the result is in the cell UNDERNEATH the cell I want to see it in.

How do I make the Query result display in the same cell as the formula?


Query returns result with column name Use this formula if you need only value in that cell

QUERY(Backlinking!A2:Z1000, "Select SUM(R) where F='performance management tools' label SUM(R) ''"))


=SUM(QUERY(Backlinking!A2:Z1000, "Select R where F='performance management tools'"))

In this case simple SUMIFS would be enough

=SUMIFS(Backlinking!R2:R1000,Backlinking!F2:F1000,"performance management tools")

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