So I'm trying to use the following formula to check if either of 2 cells in a column is blank and if neither if blank that return the number of days between them and if either is blank to return an empty cell:

={"Consultant Turn Around";ArrayFormula(IF(OR(ISBLANK(J2:J),ISBLANK(K2:K))),,NETWORKDAYS(J2:J,K2:K,Data!B2:B))}

However I'm getting the error:

Wrong number of arguments to ARRAYFORMULA. Expected 1 arguments, but got 3 arguments.

and I can't for the life of me figure out what I'm doing wrong. I think its something with how the OR statement works since I have a very similar formula that only checks one cell that works fine.

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There was a problem with brackets

={"Consultant Turn Around";

However, it will return blank if there is at least one case This formula would return list of day differences and blank cells in case any of the dates is missing

={"Consultant Turn Around";

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