I have a spreadsheet with an Orders sheet and a Products sheet. Product names (from B2:B) are data validated on the Orders sheet (D2:D) and also have adjacent cells with the quantity (E2:E) and 3 columns indicating what discount was given by use of an "x" (Consultant [H2:H], Preferred [I2:I], Retail [J2:J]). There are up to 3 prices per product (on Products sheet) reflective of the discount columns on the Orders sheet. I am trying to do the following:

Match ordered product (Orders!Product(D2:D)) with product name (Products!Product(B2:B)) multiply quantity (Orders!Qty(E2:E)) by price (Products!'Consultant Price'(D2:D), Products!'Preferred Price'(E2:E), Products!'Retail Price'(F2:F)) if discount (Orders!Consultant(H2:H), Orders!Preferred(I2:I), Orders!Retail(J2:J)) equals x

What functions or arrays should I be using differently.

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was able to achieve this with a little assistance from a friend


In your solution you are repeating the VLOOKUP unnecessarily:

   IFS(H2="x", VLOOKUP(D2,Products!$B$2:$I$100, 3, 0),
       I2="x", VLOOKUP(D2,Products!$B$2:$I$100, 4, 0),
       J2="x", VLOOKUP(D2,Products!$B$2:$I$100, 5, 0)), E2), "")

Since it is only the VLOOKUP's index that varies, you can include a single VLOOKUP and use the IFS function for that argument:

   VLOOKUP(D2, Products!$B$2:$I$100,
           IFS(H2="x",3, I2="x",4, J2="x",5), 0), E2), "")

Other Code Reductions

  • The PRODUCT function can be replaced with the multiplication sign *
  • Sheets doesn't require specifying an empty string "" in IFERROR.
    eg. IFERROR(value) is acceptable, no need for IFERROR(value, "")
  • If IFERROR is being used to handle VLOOKUP errors when no "x" is found, it can be replaced by IFNA as those errors will be #N/A.
  • You could use the LOOKUP function rather than IFS which will avoid repeating the search string and allow you to use the range H2:J2 rather than one-off cells.
   D2, Products!$B$2:$I$100,
   LOOKUP("x", H2:J2, {3,4,5}))*E2)

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