Some thing that does this:

I'm thinking in Google Sheets have column A be let's say City, and column B be let's say address, then I want to paste something into column C like:

"Are you looking for Dentistry in [CIty Name(pull content from column A)] then come to our dental clinic in [Address (Pull content from column B)]"

and then have column D be the outputs that I can copy/paste, I also need it to be able to work with multiple rows but I paste the same thing into row C all the way down.

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    Google sheets is off topic for this site. If you want an Excel answer that is on topic, but may not be transferable to sheets, they are not the same.
    – Scott Craner
    Feb 18, 2020 at 22:15
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Step 1: Create 3 Column Names such as City,Address,Output from A4 to C4

Step 2: Fill City and Address as you want

Step 3: Choose D4 as your desired OUTPUT Sample Text with Variable Data_City and Data_Address

Step 4: Use Substitute for replace variables


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