I'm looking for a filter that would look something like:

in:inbox in:unread not in:spam

Specifically, I'm looking for not in: syntax, but can't figure out how that might spell.

Please, help.


You proposed this:

in:inbox in:unread not in:spam

The first fix is that instead of the word no you use a "-". That means the syntax is:

in:inbox in:unread -in:spam

The second fix is that the -in:spam is not needed.

If a message/conversation has the inbox label then is doesn't have the spam label. Now if the "-in:spam" was just an example then your search will return all unread messages/conversations that have the inbox label but do not have the other label.

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  • True, it's just... the category I looked for contained 0 items, so fuzzy search started suggesting stuff from the spam section. Thanks! – Boris Burkov Mar 10 at 13:44

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