I was doing some search on Google Scholar and I typed in

MPC | "model predictive control"

this search entry returned around 1.72 million results. Then I typed in

MPC | "model predictive control" | RHPC

and that search result returned around 1.68 million results. I don't understand this behaviour. Why did search in the second case return less results than in the first case? It should have returned equal amount or more results by the logic of OR operator. What is Google doing in the background, is it doing some kind of relevancy search which has precedence over OR operator?

  • The number reported by the Google Search results first page is a very rough/quickly calculated estimate. Have you ever tried to find the last result? – Rubén Mar 10 '20 at 19:45
  • I haven't, but the results did change a bit now. Google reports less results now, but first search case still provides more results (according to the number at the top). I have also tried searching MPC | "model predictive control" | RHPC | "receding horizon predictive control" and this returns around 1.23 million results which is almost half a million results less than for 2 first cases. – Brale Mar 10 '20 at 19:54

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