I have two pivot tables. Pivot table one is the number of signups per date for 2019 Pivot table two is the number of signups per date for 2020

Secondly is a running cumulative total of signups, per year.

I've tried grouping the pivot tables by Year-Month-Day and by Day-Month

I'm trying to plot all 4 data sets on one graph to show year over year.

Each of the graphs are correct on the chart. But they don't line up correctly with the dates on the X axis.

I tried to introduce another data set of all the dates on the X axis from Oct 1st - Aug 15 to see if I could plot the points for each day to get things lined up. But that didn't seem to work.




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In your file sheet test_chart1 contains a bit rearranged data so that chart could see all dates (2019 and 2020). Sheet test_chart2 is variation of chart which contains all days of the year and shows comparison of 2019 and 2020 day by day.

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