So, in these covid19-infested days I want to update our digital signage with the current situation. Want to use google sheets and IMPORTXML to fetch data from a website that is frequently updated with the statistics for sweden.

The trouble is that I am returning empty results from IMPORTXML...


the XPath i am using to get the five numbers is:

//*[@id="root"]/div/header/div[1]/div[1]/span //*[@id="root"]/div/header/div[1]/div[2]/span //*[@id="root"]/div/header/div[2]/div[1]/span //*[@id="root"]/div/header/div[2]/div[2]/span //*[@id="root"]/div/header/div[2]/div[1]/div[2]

So my syntax looks like this:


... .... .....

It returns "Error, Imported content is empty".

I suck, please halp


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