I am looking for text-to-speech synthesizers online services. I am also interested in those that support English/French/Spanish.

Which can you recommend?

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  • AT&T's is limited to 300 characters
  • SpokenText covers English, French, Spanish & German. Online version limited to 100 characters.
  • There are a few voices at Read The Words but you do have to register to get anything other than the US male/female voices.
  • Cepstral has some demos with a wider range of voices
  • Vozme - can save as MP3 but the quality is lousy compared to IVONA, or Google's TTS
  • Expressivo - not many characters allowed, interesting selection of voices - English, Romanian & Polish - easy to link to this as they just read the string in the URL
  • Ivona - high quality. Seems pretty similar to Expressivo in functionality & voices. Online demo limited to 250 characters.

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