If I have an ad running on kijiji, and I get two responses in the same day, they are considered a single conversation, and I have to split them apart.

On occasion I send out an email newsletter using mailchimp. ALL the responses to it are glommed into a single conversation.

I just did a test from another account, sending the same message -- same subject, twice 1 minute apart. They ended up in separate threads. So identical subject line in a short period of time isn't sufficient, yet the kijiji replies are distinct messages.

The next are ideas that I don't know how to test.

  • If I use the address+string feature, are messages to different strings considered the same thread? E.g If my normal gmail address is [email protected] and I add (How?) a

    Reply-To: j.random.user+0037

to the headers will gmail consider them to be separate threads from the original?

  • Same idea, but modify the From: header instead.

To re-iterate: Gmail sometimes will merge two messages from the same From: address and same subject into the same conversation thread. (Kijiji example above) But sometimes will not. (Two emails, same user, same subject.)

Use case:

I want to send out an email with a list of BCC receipients. I want EACH reply to be it's own conversation. How do I do that?


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