I have a Google spreadsheet connected with a Google form. When a new response is submitted, the formula in the upper rows should be copied down to the new added (by Google form) row.

I have used once onformsubmit trigger for another similar situation. But when it comes to writing the formula, I want to be copied down in script, as I am neither a programmer nor a coder, it is being a real problem again.

Here is the formula I wanted to use:

if($D6<>"aroonbank",if($F6="Income (Kirim)",5010,if($F6="Advance returned (Qaytarilgan avans)",5010,if($F6="Bank (Bankka pul topshirish)",5110,))),if($F6="Income (Kirim)",5110,if($F6="Advance returned (Qaytarilgan avans)",5110)))

Could someone please help transfer this formula to "google script" language?

  • thank you very much. the last time they wrote to me the formula in the script and i just copied it down and it is working well. now this time i have used the same method, but when it comes to writing formula (i have mentioned above in the question) in the script properly It is getting difficult. – Aroon Advisory Group Mar 20 at 19:42
  • Please, while sometimes community members write formulas and code, bear in mind that this is not a formula and code writing service. In follow up questions question posters should show that they learned something from previous questions. If something was not clear, please ask for clarification there, if someone else posted the question and you don't have enough reputation yet, you could post a new question including a link to the question and answer that you need to be clarified. – Rubén Mar 20 at 19:48