I am trying to "present google slides" online.That is, if people only have a browser and a conference line, I give them a link (ahead of time, say over email), they open it and see what I am presenting in google slide. As I advance the slide/animate, their browser also automatically animates/advances to the next slide.

In other words, I am looking for "Office Presentation Service" equivalent for Google Slides. Does it exist?

Just to clarify - I am not looking for "File>Publish to the web" functionality. The below image is not what I am looking for enter image description here

It is (a) not synchronous between the "presenter" and the remote participant and (b) does not advance on mouse clicks from the presenter

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No, it doesn't exists as a built-in function of Google Slides. One option is to use an online video conference / streaming service (i.e. Google Meet, Skype, Youtube Live, Zoom, etc.) to share your screen with your audience.


Google Slides has a presentation mode. You can activate it by going to the “View” menu and selecting “Present”.

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